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Next time you head out for your mid-winter motorcycle ogling session, the show may look a bit different.
Next time you head out for your mid-winter motorcycle ogling session, the show may look a bit different.

It looks like Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows is getting out of the motorcycle show business.

For years, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows has been running the Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver shows for the Motorcycle Moped Industry Council. But, that’s all changing now, according to an email sent by the  National Sportsmen’s Shows yesterday, the MMIC will be organizing their own shows now (and that includes the ones in Montreal, Quebec City and Moncton that were run by other organizers) .

The move isn’t entirely unexpected. Since last month, we’ve known the MMIC has a new for-profit arm, in charge of organizing motorcycle shows, so it makes sense they’d actually put it to use.

It will be interesting to see how the face of motorcycle shows changes across the country — especially with the declining MMIC Toronto show. National Sportsmen’s Shows handled show management, marketing, web design, logo creation, and overall promotion of the shows – that’s a lot for the MMIC’s new startup to learn, and in a relatively short period of time.


Just got the following press release from the MMIC:

“The Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council (MMIC) and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV) began producing shows in 1985. Since that time there have been many changes in the management of the shows and how they are operated. Each year close to 200,000 people attend the MMIC/COHV shows and we are always interested in providing top value for consumers and exhibitors in the shows.

MMIC and COHV are committed to continuing to improve and grow its seven Motorcycle and Powersport shows across Canada and we thank CNSS, Expo Max and Master Promotions and their staff for their professionalism and efforts on behalf of the industry, exhibitors and consumers.

We have enjoyed a great working relationship with our show producers since we launched the first shows and our decision not to renew contracts in no way reflects negatively on the professional and quality of shows that CNSS, Expo Max, and Master Promotion have managed for us over the years. 

A review of the shows began across the country in 2011 and after a great deal of discussion it was decided to bring the shows in house through the new incorporated company Power Sport Services (PSS) as part of our vision for expanding and strengthening the MMIC/COHV Motorcycle & Powersport shows. 2012-2013 will be an exciting time for the rebounding motorcycle and ATV industries and we look forward to serving the riding community and industry even better.”

Jo-Anne Farquhar
Director of Communications & Public Affairs

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