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The thrill of the chase

Forget roadblocks - U.K. cops are going to start deploying Fiestas.

There are few hard-and-fast rules to surviving a police chase aboard a motorcycle. But we have one suggestion – watch where you’re going.

Unfortunately for a U.K. teen, that simple piece of advice was a bit much to remember as he fled the fuzz on his dirt bike last month. The 19-year-old had been riding his off-road bike on the highway, a definite no-no in the U.K. nanny state, and was desperately trying to cover his face, so the cops couldn’t identify him as he escaped.

But, there’s one downside to covering your face when you’re riding – you can’t see. And if there’s a parked car in front of you, that’s a very bad thing. Our misguided miscreant mashed himself into the side of a parked Ford Fiesta, flew over the hood, and ended up in hospital pretty mashed up.So much for sticking it to the Man – instead, he ended up getting stuck with needles and syringes for surgery.

Feel sorry for him? Don’t bother – he admitted to driving without a license, driving dangerously, and driving drunk. We’d say that Fiesta did the world a favour.

Story source: Halifax Courier

White collar holler

We can't see outlaw motorcycle gangs trying to trade on this image anytime soon.

If a high-speed chase won’t keep the coppers off your tail, what else works? Another U.K. man found himself in a bit of a bind recently when he was spotted doing 84 mph in a 30 mph zone, leading to some white-collar motorcycle crime.

What’s a man to do? Nobody wants to deal with that sort of fine, so the 26-year-old rider came up with a brilliant plan; he sold his bike, and falsified the documents, to ensure the grotesque speeding ticket didn’t blow back on him. There’s nothing better than handing off your problems to someone else to deal with, right?

It all sounds good, but the authorities caught on to the underhanded motorcycle deal, probably when the new owner understandably objected to paying the massive fine. Authorities dug into the case, and the original owner ended up in court this month, where he pleaded guilty to his scheme to beat the rap, and is awaiting sentencing.

It’s bad enough that he’s in trouble with the law, but c’mon – if you’re going to get in some motorcycle-related crime, it’s got to be pretty embarrassing to confess to your pub buddies that it was all over paperwork. So much for your fire-breathing outlaw image!

Story source: Ellesmere Port Pioneer

Baller Biker

What’s better than soccer? Just about everything, in this Canadian’s opinion … but if you disagree (as Editor ‘Arris surely does), here’s a TV commercial combining a bit off fancy footwork with a Honda. They say you meet the nicest soccer players on one of those things …

Rotor rush

If you want to get a rush from motorcycling, there are plenty of legitimate ways to do so – you don’t need to stoop to a life of crime. For instance, you could go backflip your motorcycle over a helicopter – with its blades spinning.

That’s what motorcycle daredevil Robbie Marshall did earlier this week, and the video below proves it. The stunt, besides being a pretty cool effort in its own right, was a way to promote the Australia’s Crusty Demons stunt championship. If he hadn’t pulled it off, though, we suspect Marshall would have been more concerned with recovery from a bunch of crusty wounds – if he was lucky. But, mad props to him for pulling it off (pun totally intended). After all, if he’d failed, the video would have ended up a bit … choppy.

Story source: Daily Mail

Bad to the bone?

Check out this YouTube vid of a wannabe motorcycle thug. First off, his bike screams Cheesy Rider, not Easy Rider. Then … well, watch the vid for yourself. It is, as the kids say these days, an Epic Fail.

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