Bikers launch suit against SAAQ

A rider's group in Quebec is sueing the SAAQ for $100-million.
Registration costs in La Belle Province could see a drastic jump soon, but some riders are hoping to change that.

For years, riders in Quebec have faced discrimination from government, along with ridiculous government fees. Now, some are hoping to fight back.

The riders behind this web site are particularly incensed over a provincial government bill that they claim will allow Quebec’s SAAQ Crown corporation to raise registration fees without any limits. Obviously this affects all vehicles, but motorcyclists in particular are very concerned about this move, and with good reason, judging by the province’s history.

To combat this move, the web site owners have initiated a lawsuit against the SAAQ, with Julius Grey representing them. They’re hoping to turn this into a class-action law suit, which means the Quebec government will pay for its costs.

If you want to sign on for the fight, you can join them by visiting their website here.


  1. S.A.A.Q are the biggest scammers out there.. RUDE, COLD and If you try to argue with them they put on hold for 4 hours… 
    I’ve been trying to get my motorcycle license for the last 4 years.. no success, 
    Last year they MISUNDERSTOOD ME and never gave me my 6A… but rather thought I payed the remaining balance for my car lisence… LOL.. 
    Then last year I came and got my 6A only to be greeted by a rude french lady when I tried to point our their incompetence, and I had every right to be upset.
    Now this year they are telling me my 6A was only valid for 3 months last year, and their motorcycle system doesn’t work like the automobile system where you pay for the whole year, so it was my responsibility to KNOW I had to renew my 6A..

    A monkey can drive a motorcycle with some basic training

    Its obvious the reason they make you wait this long to get a lisence.. they don’t want bikes on the road.. 

    pricks.. thats all I can say.. 

  2. Link on their site ti CTV Montreal is dead.
    However….the regisration cost has dropped this year in both classes of motorcycles.
    LOL….quite a joke that!! “Normal” and “High Risk”….

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