Husqvarna, BMW, Suzuki sales news

Husqvarna managed to put up pretty decent sales numbers in North America last year.
Husqvarna managed to put up pretty decent sales numbers in North America last year.

Globally, Husqvarna saw a slump in sales last year, but their North American sales numbers were actually up, say company officials.

Husqvarna Motorcycles North America president Kris Odwarka says retail registrations were up 60 per cent in 2011 from 2010, with the company selling 66 per cent more dirt and dual sport bikes. They also managed to increase their dealer network by 20 per cent.

Some of the success came because dealers had access to Husky’s 2012 lineup earlier than usual, allowing them to sell the up-to-date bikes that customers want; it also helped that Husqvarna’s customers were able to take advantage of improved financing offers through Husqvarna’s parent company, BMW.

Speaking of parent company BMW, they’re having a great start to 2012, setting sales records in January, pushing 5,237 motorcycles globally, an 11 per cent gain over the 4,714 units in January 2011. Husqvarna’s shared in that success, although on a much smaller scale, selling 544 motorcycles last month, up from 362 in January of 2011.

But, it’s not sunshine and roses for all companies in the industry. Suzuki’s been hammered with poor sales numbers in recent years, and 2011 was no exception.

Between April and December 2011, Suzuki shipped 160 per cent more units to its North American dealers. After cutting back on supply in 2010, that should have been a welcome move, right? Wrong – despite making bikes available again, Suzuki is expected to announce they ended up selling 46,000 machines in North America in 2011, down from 51,000 in 2010, a 9.8 per cent decrease.


  1. Seriously, with the exception of the hyper-sports and MX bikes, the lineup looks the same as it did when I sold them in 2005. 
    Bold New Graphics isn’t gonna slice it when the competition is moving ahead.

  2. That’s my take as well…Suzuki hasn’t updated their line up for years…if they want new customers, they need to offer some new shiny stuff, not the same old same old…it’s too bad, because Suzuki does make good bikes but selling the same bike for 10yrs doesn’t bring in the crowds…


  3. Great time to get a good deal on a left-over ‘Zuke!! On the other hand, Suzuki’s North American line-up needs a SERIOUS overhaul … especially their Cruiser offerings … a few retro-styled Standards in the 650-800cc range wouldn’t hurt either IMHO.

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