Canadian designs new safety suit concept

MotoGP crashes could be a lot safer with this new safety suit, if it ever makes it into production.

A motorcycle crash is never fun, but a Canadian inventor is trying to take some of the danger out of it.

Check out the YouTube video below to see Quebec-based Rejean Neron’s Safety Sphere. It’s like an airbag suit, on steroids.

Neron’s suit inflates in 0.05 seconds, when a rider is thrown from their motorcycle. As the rider leaves the bike, an electric connection is broken, triggering the suit’s circuitry to start firing an explosive can of nitrocellulose. This inflates the suit around the rider, theoretically keeping him safe as he bounces down the road.

The YouTube vid only seems to be a CGI clip, but Neron’s suit has been in design for years now – you’ll note that the video is dated 2009, even though it was only uploaded recently by the Motorcycle News, which is where we noticed it. They say he’s trying to get his invention in production, in an effort to make motorcycle safer and therefore more appealing to the masses.

0 thoughts on “Canadian designs new safety suit concept”

  1. Nice to see people trying.  I’m sure it is for dramatization but it would need to fully inflate before his body impacted the van.

  2. One MotoGP rider goes off…Giant ball rolls down track…Second rider hits it & goes down…Third rider hits it and goes down… MotoGP morphs into bowling for dollars. Priceless!

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