NTSB recommends cell phone ban for drivers

Cell phones may soon be banned for drivers in the U.S.
Cell phones may soon be banned for drivers in the U.S.

The National Safety Board on Tuesday recommended a ban on cell phone use for drivers in the U.S.

This ban would extend to both hand-held and hands-free devices, though phones installed in vehicles at the factory would be permitted. Drivers with cell phones would still be able to make emergency 911 phone calls.

The NTSB also suggested that smarter cell phones could be designed that would sense where they are located in a vehicle and discourage use behind the wheel while allowing other occupants to make calls and text.

Cell phone use behind the wheel has grown to epidemic proportions and distracted driving was responsible for almost 3,100 deaths in the U.S. last year.

Although cell phone use while on the road isn’t an issue with motorcyclists, they would benefit directly by such a ban due to the reduced likelihood of a collision with a distracted driver.


  1. They should ban all food, drinks, make up kits, cup holders, any form of entertainment accessible by the driver, cigarettes, and pets, unless in an approved container. Passengers should only be allowed if both driver and passenger/s are over age 25.  Ban all novelty items hanging from the rear view mirror or placed upon the rear window shelf. Any powered or non-powered functions accessible by the driver such as windows doors or seats should only function if the car is stationary.Penalties should be draconian and swift.  

  2. Only 3100 deaths ? 
    I find that number low.
    How many victims were lucky enough (?) to survive with significant injuries ?
    Plus how many of the self absorbed scumbags lied to the investigating officers and claim ” I was just minding my business. That maniac driver just appeared out of nowhere and rammed into me !
    Cell phone ?
    I keep that in my pocket for emergencies 😉 😉 ”

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