MBSR's People S 125 up for grabs!

If you checked out the video of the 2011 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally in the last week then you will no doubt have noticed the funky graphics KYMCO People S 125 at the end of the shot as this year’s winner Scooterman showers it in kisses.

Minimum bid is $2,250.00

Well Scooterman was good enough to donate the ride back to MBSR’s charity, the Kids Help Phone for auction to see if we could raise even more than the $15,000 already donated.

A sterling gesture from a sterling guy.

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a new People S 125 (funky MBSR graphics and all, the scoot is now on Ebay and accepting bids until the 22nd of December at 10 am EST so that the winning bid can be declared in time for Christmas.

A new scooter and all proceeds going towards the Kids Help Phone? Please support the cause by going to Ebay and slapping down your bid here.

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