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The Vespa Quarantasei is supposed to be in production sometime in 2012.

Last week, we gave you the straight dope on all the new motorcycles at the EICMA show in Milan. Now, here are some updates on the new scooters at the show.

Vespa Quarantasei

The Vespa Quarantasei is supposed to be in production sometime in 2012.

If you like retro-styled scoots, the Vespa Quarantasei should grab your attention. Quarantasei means “46” in Italian, and the machine is supposed to be a throwback to the Vespa MP6, the firm’s most famous machine dating back to 1946.

But the new machine’s mechanics don’t match its looks; it sports a fuel-injected 125cc or 150cc single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke motor, putting out 11.6 or 13 hp respectively. It’s supposed to be in production before the end of 2012.

Kymco Xciting 400i

With the 500cc Xciting already in Kymco's Canadian lineup, we don't know if they'll bother bringing the 400 in. Photo: Dueruote.it

If a maxi-scooter is more your style than a machine combining 1940s styling with modern technology, Kymco has a new two-wheeler that could interest you, the Xciting 400.

Details are sketchy so far – we haven’t been able to find out anything on their Canadian site yet – but it seems the machine is powered by a fuel-injected four-stroke 400cc single-cylinder engine putting out about 35 horsepower. It’ll roll on a 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear, and is slowed down by three disc brakes. ABS is optional.

Since we already have the 500 Xciting here, we’re not sure that the 400 will be coming anytime soon.

MaxSym 400i, 600i

Styling for the MaxSym 400i is pretty standard for a maxi-scooter.

Kymco wasn’t the only Taiwanese manufacturer showing off new maxi-scooters at Milan; there were also a couple new models from Sym.

Sym introduced their new 400i and 600i MaxSym scooters, featuring four-stroke engines and ABS. The 400i puts out about 35 hp and 25 lb-ft of torque, but the 600i’s performance figures have yet to be disclosed.

The company says they’ve got more luggage space than their competition — enough for two full-face helmets — and more comfortable seats. We’re not sure about the scientific accuracy of that last claim …

Hyosung EVA

It's certainly not the highest-performance electric machine we've seen, but Hyosung's EVA scooter could be an important step forward. Photo: Visordown

There was plenty of battery bike hype at Milan, and Hyosung played their part with their new EVA electric scooter.

The EVA has a 55-mile range, but that’s only if you’re traveling 22 mph. The motor puts out 1.49kW, and can power the scoot up to 40 mph. Battery recharge time is 4 hours.

This machine probably doesn’t have Brammo or Zero quaking in their boots just yet, but it’s interesting to see this development. If the Asian manufacturers start cranking out lower-priced electric two-wheelers, we may start to see more of them on the streets.

Yamaha T-Max

Yamaha redesigned their T-Max's bodywork, dropped some weight, and gave it more engine displacement for 2012.

Yamaha unveiled their lighter, faster 2012 T-Max scooter at the Milan show. They’ve  brought the machine’s weight down 4 kgs, mainly by using a belt-drive transmission, and bumped engine displacement to 530cc, up from 500cc, supposedly boosting low-to-mid-range performance, although power output remains at 46 bhp.

They’ve also tried to make the machine more appealing to motorcycle fans, with bigger 15-inch wheels and more aggressive styling. ABS is also available as an option.

Peugeot Metropolis 400i

Two wheels in front, and one in the rear; is Peugeot trying to steal some sales from Piaggio?

Peugeot is best-known for cars, but they were showing off a leaning three-wheeled scooter concept at EICMA that’s supposed to be almost ready for production.

The Metropolis 400i, supposedly inspired by their SR1 concept car, though it’s obviously more Piaggio MP3 than car. The 400i gets about 35 hp from its liquid-cooled 400cc engine which Peugeot reckon should be good for 150 km/h.

It has twin disc brakes in front, and one in the rear. It also has a few fancier bells and whistles, like keyless start, electrically adjustable windshield, and a digital display that will even tell you tire pressure.


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