More tributes for Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli's home track will be renamed in his honour.
Marco Simoncelli's home track will be renamed in his honour.

Tributes continue to pour in for fallen MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli.

His home track, the Misano circuit, will be renamed in his honour. Formerly known as the Misano World Circuit, it’ll now be called the Marco Simoncelli World Circuit, although officials say they won’t use Simoncelli’s name for branding or marketing purposes.

Author Mark Gardiner is trying to get another tribute together before Sunday as well. When Simoncelli’s father commented that Super Sic would have preferred a minute of engine-revving noise to a minute of silence in the MotoGP paddocks before this weekend’s race in Valencia, it got Gardiner thinking.

Now, he’s trying to pull riders together from all over the world to put together their own tribute to the fallen #58. Someone started a #MakeNoiseForMarcoSunday hashmark on Twitter, and Gardiner started a group under that name on Facebook. He’s hoping to get bikers from around the world to go out to their driveways and rev their own bikes up at 10:30 a.m. in their own time zones, creating a wave of motorcycle noise that reaches around the world.

You can read more about Gardiner’s plan on his blog, or his Facebook page for the event.

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