Labrador Adventure – L'Anse Aux Meadows

This iceberg was over a kilometer long!
Apparently there was a major ice shelf collapse last year in Greenland and they're only now getting here. This iceberg was over a kilometer long!

Since we decided to play this trip ‘by ear’ (so to speak) we added a free day into the schedule so that we could take a mo’ should that certain something happen to come along.

That happens to be L’Anse Aux Meadows, situated at the north-eastern tip of Newfoundland and home to the Viking National Historic site and Iceberg Ally.

Both activities are well worth a visit and served as a welcome rest from the ride. We even met up with a group of riders who had just completed the Labrador Highway (including Darlene who’d done the Mad Bastard Rally in 2009) so we now know exactly what we’re up against and have some good company for breakfast today before we head off to catch the ferry to Labrador.

Shame it’s pissing it down outside …


  1. To be technical, it’s at the north-eastern tip of the far nothern end of the nothern penisula. Just look at a map of the rock, you’ll see what I mean.

  2. OMG ..I warned you to stay clear of the ginormous Ice Berg. Now you might consider Ultimate Ice Racing as CMG’s next frontier. (You wouldn’t have trouble convincing many here with Ice Cube Racing )
    Now that you have been on the road long enough, adventures experienced without sharing with the family … I expect you are conflicted with home sickness or the much worse “Domestic Separation Jones”. How many phone calls home to chat with the wife and kids ?

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