Edmonton starts noise crackdown again

Loud Pipes
Jeans and boots aren't just to protect from road rash, but also hot exhaust pipes.
Loud Pipes
Even though Edmonton police couldn't make all of last year's noise tickets stick, they're still running a 2011 campaign against loud pipes. Photo: www.harleyexhaust.com.au

Even though they had some problems making last year’s noise fines stick, Edmonton is going ahead with their motorcycle decibel limit enforcement campaign this summer with even more officers.

According to the Edmonton Sun,  the city’s police have trained another 10 officers to operate their sound-measuring equipment; they now have 46 officers who can use the decibel meter, so it’s going to be harder and harder to hide from noise enforcement.

Riders get a $250 fine if their bikes exceed 92 dB(A) at idle, 96 dB(A) at 2,000 rpm for bikes with less than three cylinders and 100 dB(A) at 5,000 rpm for three and four-cylinder bikes. If you’re not sure if your bike meets that standard, police are offering a free noise checkup for motorcycles this Saturday (June 11) at NAIT’s South Campus, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


  1. My 98 VFR 800 with a stock exhaust was not tested and given a non compliance ticket. The officer attending told me, “Any motorbike with a muffler over 2 years old wont pass this as it’s burned out.” I have 6 more days to get proof of compliance from a licensed mechanic. 

  2. I took advantage of the free pass test last weekend. My SV650 with a Yosh RS-3 slip-on was 85.6dB at idle and 86.2dB at 2000RPM. Well below the limits of 92dB at idle and 96dB at 200RPM.

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