Mosport sold to Canadian interest

Mosport is back in Canadian hands after 12 years of U.S. ownership.
Mosport is back in Canadian hands after 12 years of U.S. ownership.

Mosport International Raceway has been bought from U.S.-based Panoz Motor Sports Group by Canadian Motorsport Ventures. The Canadian company is owned and operated by auto racer Ron Fellows, real estate developer and CEO of Orlando Corporation, Carlo Fidani, and Alan Boughton, who is president and managing partner of Trailcon Leasing.

Current president and GM of Mosport, Myles Brandt, will retain his responsibilities at the facility under the new management.

The new owners will “look at all aspects of improving the facility,” which in the next 18 months will include the construction of a new events and meeting facility.

Hopefully the new management will consider repaving the track, which has deteriorated since it was last paved in 2001. The final two rounds of the Parts Canada Canadian Superbike Championship are scheduled to take place at Mosport on August 19-21.


  1. The campground washrooms are very disgusting and outdated.  At least last time I went, I could barely visit “the facilities” without doing the dry-puke gag.

    • Yes, the washrooms are well overdue for an overhaul.  The last time we were there, we avoided the washrooms in the general camping area (the woods were cleaner) and used the washrooms in the paddock area and the showers in the family camping area. 

  2. I was at Mosport this past weekend and I don’t find the asphalt too, too bad… not silky smooth like Calabogie… but not a mess like Shannonville. Money spent on a better septic system would be good though!

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