OWD Call to Arms


Online media finally has a use in the bog!

Neil Johnston of One Wheel Drive magazine has written a very interesting editorial about the troubles that are facing independent web media such as OWD and CMG Online.

His piece touches not only on the upcoming massive government injection of cash to print magazines to help them get online (citing our Call to Arms editorial), but also how the motorcycle industry as a whole is failing to get the  Internet media.

It makes for sad reading if you care about independent web media (as obviously we do). You can read all about it here.


  1. I agree with the article that only a handful of manufacturers actually ‘get it’ as to the impact of online magazines. In my humble opinion, the same three manufacturers (Honda, Ducati and BMW) offer a much better dealer experience than the rest. Their sales figures also underline the impact of online advertising.

  2. I think the internet is an amazing tool. But as a brick and morter it is my bigest competition. That being said the motorcycle industry is in trouble anyway. With the downward pressure from the economy and other forces (read internet) my and other M/C shops gross reciepts are down over 40%.
    It would be nice to get a bailout like Harley got or the magazine industry is getting. If my business fails there won’t be any taxpayers dollars for me.

  3. I’m always checking on line for new sources of information etc. If I find an interesting page then I bookmark it. On the issue of Government funding. I don’t like any Government funding for any media and I feel the same about the arts. If it can’t make it on it’s own then let it fold. My tax dollars should be going to more significant items such as health care, transportation infrastructure, etc.

  4. I don’t think the manufacturers see the power that the internet has over day to day life…tools like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc…have a huge impact on what we perceive as cool…if the mfg’s want to appeal to the next gen riders, they have to embrace the new tech that is taking over…ask newspapers and magazines how their sales are doing…dropping…most people use electronic media for almost all of their information…so why not reward all media the same for getting “wired”, even if that is all they are…the web only media should be rewarded for seeing the future and diving in with both feet (or however that goes…)…plus it could be that throwing money at the print magazines to “get online” might be throwing money away, I know I have my online sources bookmarked and don’t check much else…

    Just my two cents…


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