New Husqvarna 900cc SMs?


Their Mille 3 concept bike used a V3 motor and, er … ‘interesting’ styling.

Some rumours are swilling around about what shape the new Husqvarna road bikes are going to take.

Well it appears that there will two new models coming out at the end of 2011, both based around BMW’s F800 twin motor, but punched out to 900 cc.

However, thankfully they will not be taking the shape of the concept Mille 3 that Husqvarna showed at last year’s Milan show. Rather both bikes will be more Supermotard in style (17 inch wheels and trellis frames) with one geared toward straight Supermotard (like KTM’s 990 SMR) and the other more touring orientated (like KTM’s 990 SMT).

Looks like someone’s aiming their sights well and truly at the Austrian company …


  1. Does this also mean that Husky could be fielding a bike in US flat track racing? Hope so since without real variety on the grid I don’t see much of a future for the sport.

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