Hero Honda Diesel?


Coming soon in a diesel version?

The Indian sub-continent seems to be a happening motorcycle scene these days, with Hero Honda reportedly on a quest to build their own diesel bike.

Carblogindia.com reports that Hero Honda is talking with an engine manufacturer about outsourcing a 400cc powerplant for the diesel machines, with no word on whether the bike will feature direct injection or some sort of turbo diesel technology. The bike is expected to be ready for sale by 2013.

Hero Honda has seen some controversy lately, so this move could be an attempt to put their troubles behind them, or just an attempt to keep up with Royal Enfield. Regardless, the world can always use more motorcycles, even if they run on smelly diesel fuel.



  1. Apparently one reason Chrysler wants to do a deal with Fiat is so they can get access to small diesel technology, widely used in European vehicles.

  2. “The assumption, in North America, that everything diesel must be smelly i ridiculous. This is not 80s anymore … ”

    Over christmas my wife and I were in Vietnam & Cambodia. All the Japanese car manufacturers have small to midsized diesel cars and pick ups there. Toyota even has a nice little diesel double cab 4X4 pick up slightly larger than the Tacoma. I’d buy one in a second.

  3. Nasty smelly for sure….but what MPG specs are we talking here? One of those smelly engines transplanted into my KLR might allow me to ride forever…..lol

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