Cops caution bike sellers


Don’t give this man your address over Kijiji.

If you’re selling your motorcycle online, be careful: thieves are just as interested in your bike as buyers.

A Halifax man learned this last week when thieves contacted him through popular online ad listing service Kijiji, obtained his address, and promptly made off with his $12,000 Harley-Davidson from his basement shortly after.


The Chronicle-Herald says RCMP are working on the case and may track the thief through the victim’s phone records. For now, though, they are warning sellers to keep their addresses off Kijiji, to deter thieves from targeting their motorcycles.


  1. Police are questioning as suspects anyone who can make sense of the alpha numeric nomenclature Harley uses to name its motorcycles. Gifted with Einstein-like powers of conceptualization though they may be.

  2. “The RCMP also stated that if you’re stupid enough to list your address in your advertisement perhaps you deserve to have your motorcycle stolen.”

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