Honda's Sundance

the-undying-dream.jpgHonda will debut the eighth installment in their Dream the Impossible documentary series at Sundance, but if you lost your tickets to the film festival, you can just watch it on YouTube.

It’s got some great vintage Honda motorcycle clips, and gives you some insight into Honda’s corporate identity, talking with president and CEO Takanobu Ito about the company’s future. Ray Blank, senior VP of the motorcycle division, makes an appearance, as well as dirt racers Ashley Fiolek and Jeremy McGrath, and, inexplicably, pro surfer Laird Hamilton.

We’re sure it makes sense if you watch the whole film (though it’s really more of a fancy ad).


  1. Hopefully the Sundance channel (run by Robert Redford) will show the complete story. Strange to see Laird Hamilton in it. I get the attaining the dream connection but it wasn’t anything motorized that drove him, unless he is using a Honda jetski now for his tow in surfing. But I don’t care. He is a Mike Hailwood like hero to surfers and windsurfers who know about him. If you do, a great series on Sundance called Iconoclast paired him and Eddie Vetter together. Quality tv for a change.

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