Harley-Davidson Blackline – Updated

blackline_studio.jpgBack-to-basics Blackline. Retro-cool.

There’s a new Big Twin on the way from Milwaukee.

The Harley-Davidson Blackline is a stripped-down, blacked-out Softail that best emulates the spirit of the original model by reverting to a 21-inch front and slimmed down, 140-mm, 16-inch rear tire.

The frame gets a matte ‘black denim’ finish and there’s lots of black trim including the anodized aluminum rims. A new 19-litre fuel tank has a low-profile fuel filler that is offset to the right.

Unique ‘split drag’ handlebars mount directly into the top tripleclamp, sans risers, and are internally wired.

The bike uses a counterbalanced Twin Cam 96B V-twin that drives a six-speed Cruise Drive transmission. 

The bike’s minimalist lines and classic styling should strike a chord with traditional Harley enthusiasts as well as retro-seeking Generation Xers. 

The Blackline will be in Harley’s Canadian lineup for 2011 and will retail for $17,149.


  1. The Blackline doesn’t even look like a Harley to me. The tank has an odd shape and appears cheap. Don’t like the handlebars at all, reminds me of a lawnmower I used to have.

  2. Harley is going down. Production has to move offshore in a substantial way and control turned over to franchise collector, China.

    We have enough of this old iron laying around it will never run out. Average HD rider must be 55 now so where can it go but the Graveyard. You are going to keep making 1949 motorcycles forever?

    Willie G.is the last one. Hell I like Harleys, currently building a Twincam but I am 64!

  3. The thing I notice is that every CMG article on Harley D gets more comments than most others. We CMG people must really care about Harley Davidson in spite of our extensive negative reaction to their product.:roll

    Are we just angry inside and need something on which to vent? … like my poor Leafs? :cry

  4. “Blackie Line” is a registered trademark so they couldn’t. In fact, you owe me 5 bucks just for the privelege of using it in a public forum. Small bills and coins accepted. Sorry, no pennies please.

  5. I dunno, it seems ok to me. Good starting point for a cool bike, but their marketing campaign is awful. It makes me [u]not[/u] want to buy one. Very patronizing, like all anyone is looking for is an image. Bit pricey for my taste too. When I can buy a used softail for 10grand and spend a 1000 on parts to make it look cool. The prices(new and used)in Canada are kept artificially high by Deely Imports, and then add Harley Corp.’s price gouging and you have yet another bike priced out of the range of it’s target market.

  6. New model announcements from Harley-D always remind me of the film, “Groundhog Day”. Same old stuff, even when new.

    Which is a shame. I am not a Harley Basher – I like the idea of owning a Harley, and appreciate their virtues, but every time I go through the Harley model list, I fail to find a single bike I would want to own. They came close with the XR1200, but it doesn’t hold up well when compared to other sporting nakeds. Almost every other bike in the HD lineup is lowered to such an extent that their handing is compromised (what is the fascination with the low seat heights HD is fanatically pursuing – are they deliberately targeting the midget market?).

  7. Looks like they just discovered a load of 21 inch Dunlops to match the 130 16’s left over from the 70’s. What better way to free up that storage space. Room now for more Non Currents

  8. Wow. I really, really like it. Finally, Harley seems to have gotten it right. I ride a ’42 Harley chop and a ’72 triumph chop right now and swore i would never buy new…..But I think I might buy this. It’s cool and doesn’t need piles of work to set up the way I like. Maybe a handlebar swap and mids if they’re not already there(couldn’t really see).

  9. WOW! Finally something different from Harley! This is just what HD needs!

    THIS type of innovation will catapult them into new markets, and will launch them into higher profits for the next decade!

    Bravo Harley-Davidson!

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