CBR250R less than Ninja 250


CBR250R is priced aggressively.

Honda Canada have just announced that the new CBR250R will be listed for $4,499 for the non-ABS model, or $4,999 with ABS.


CB1000R asks a bit of a premium.

That puts it a whole $500 cheaper than their nearest rival the Kawasaki 250 Ninja that comes without ABS and retails for $4,999.

Available colours are red or silver/black and they should be in dealers in the spring of 2011.

They also announced pricing for the new CB1000R which lists for $13,999, which is more expensive than it’s nearest rival (also a Kawasaki), the Z1000, which lists for $13,199, but then the Kawi doesn’t come with ABS either.

It will be available in black only and, like the CBR250R, will be available in the spring.


  1. Dean: Costa is correct , the CBR250R is only $500.00 more then the US & don’t forget about the 6% duty if you wish to import one.

  2. Can we have the CB 1000 R in the Red/white /Blue with gold wheels shown in Europe for 2011 ,In Canada please? I can pretend its 1983 again when Canada had the nice gold wheeled comstar CB1100!

  3. Dean – the American Honda website lists the CB1000 without ABS at 10,999, where Honda Canada is only importing the ABS version. That explains some of the price difference but with all the government meddling on so many different levels, it does cost more to do business here.

  4. I could be wrong here but the Honda website lists the only CB1000R model as the “RA” which has standard ABS. Considering what that premium usually is and the fact that Kawasaki doesn’t offer it on the Z1000, makes it comparable, doesn’t it?

    Plus, the Honda isn’t so ugly that your clothes wrinkle when you walk by it.

  5. Dean, the CBR250R is only $500 more in Canada than it is in the U.S. Good on Honda for doing their part to get new riders on new bikes.

  6. So with ABS and a rear disc, still $300 less than the TU 250? Suzuki is really going to have to rethink that one. You also wonder how much longer these kind of premiums over the US can be justified. With the dollar at or near parity for years now, and no sign of this changing this is getting harder to swallow. A full grand more for the 250 and 2 grand more for the 1000 is completely nonsensical.

  7. Wow, the 250 is only $1,000 more than the US price and the 1000 is only $3,000 more than the US price. Today’s dollar is 0.98 against the US. It will be interesting to see how many go across the border to save some money.

    Yes, I know, Canadian market is smaller so we have to pay.

  8. Wow!!! Honda fires a major shot across Kawasaki’s bow!! Never expected that the CBR250R would actually MSRP for LESS than the Ninja 250R … no sir!
    This should eith entice Kawi to bring their Euro/Asia-spec, F.I. Ninja 250 to Canada or encourage their Canadian Dealers to offer some tasty discounts!
    Win, Win all around if you ask me!!!

  9. I’m thinking “typo”…but really the CBR250R should be less than the Ninja 250R, if just for the fact that the Kawasaki will have higher performance levels available…the Honda may be even more newbie friendly though being a single, more torque down low instead of having to rev the crap out of it…


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