New Royal Enfield at show

It just seems a little incohesive …

A new Royal Enfield motorcycle has been shown at the British Motorcycle Live 2010 show.

Based on a flat-track look, the Royal Enfield Fury is a derivation of the fuel-injected 28 hp, Electra 500  model, and comes with two mufflers, wide handlebars, a digital dash, thin racing seat, and some chrome touches.

According to Britain’s MCN, the Fury will retail for about £5,800 in the U.K. No telling if the Canadian importer will bring it over.


  1. Plus ONE Peter Illneverbeabletopronounceyourlastname.
    But, at 58hun quid and 28 hp, I think I’ll have to stick
    to RZ realities and KTM dreams.


  2. I love the look. Its such a shame that the engine doesn’t live up to it though. Not that I’m slamming the engine, it is good for what its meant for, but it just doesn’t have the performance to live up to live up to the rest of the package.

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