iPhone your way around London


Hmm, now where was that BP station again?

Motorcyclists in London, England, can find their way to parking spots and gas stations more easily thanks to an iPhone app that’s just been made available.

Intellectsoft, a company that makes a variety of smartphone software applications, has released an app for iPhone called “Motorbike.”

The app works with Google Maps to direct riders to things they need, like gas stations and parking lots. It distinguishes between different kinds of parking spaces (free, pay-by-phone, etc) and even allows users to post comments on the number of free spaces at various places.

Intellectsoft says the app provides “just in time” info, so users aren’t forced to remember long streams of directions.

It’s available at the app store, and it works on iPhone 4.

Now, if only they’d make one for Winnipeg.


  1. I’ve a relatively new smart phone.

    It’s a competitor to the Crapple I4…

    It’s an android ‘powered’ phone with thousands of apps…

    One of those apps is called “Maps”. It uses the built in GPS, and Google Maps and in my experience is up to within 3m accurate.

    I team “Maps” with ‘Gas Buddy’ and as long as I only use the GPS when I really need it, my battery lasts a couple of days…

  2. Oh please, who gives a flyin’ about London?

    As far as an application which works in this country, one could always fire up their BlackBerry or iPhone and find that gas station, restaurant, movie theatre, etc….

    With respect – while you’re doing that, download a dictionary and look up the word “research”.

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