GS Trophy update 5


Daily update by Costa Mouzouris. Pics: Costa Mouzouris.

Today could almost be described as a rest day, and following yesterday’s tough ride it was a welcome relief.


Riders can rest a while today; tomorrow it’s back to business.

The morning ride was still quite tough, though overnight rain made riding in the sand much easier. Some teams struggled with the difficult sandy conditions, and a rider from team Japan crashed his bike and hurt his foot enough to have to withdraw from the competition, the second Japanese rider to drop out of the GS Trophy due to injury.

We left Ponta do Ouro and had only 160 km to ride to our next camp. There was just one special test along the way and our beloved Canadians did very well, and this despite hobbling like a gang of geriatrics due to their injuries.

Team Canada finished third in the day’s combined special tests, which included the results of the first photo competition. This places them back in fourth place overall with 77 points. Team Nordic and Team South Africa are tied for second place with 80 points and Team UK still holds the lead with 83 points.

The points spread of the top four teams is tight and any one of them can take the lead. Stay tuned.


  1. Hey Team Canada you guys are awesome. You know the saying the “War is not over until the battle is won!” Hang in there and keep racing hard because victory is near. Go Team Canada Go.

  2. Costa:

    Thanks for the great updates. Give my regards to the team, and tell Patty all the guys from the Ride North of 60 gang are cheering and voting for the team.

  3. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I say hi to Brian teem Canada we are with you guys all the way,
    that’s fo sure, but please take care, we are watching ๐Ÿ™‚ 8) xo

  4. I think its “Over when the Fat Lady Sings”
    And from what Costa has said about the deep sand …
    Well it will be a while til she arrives at the next camp.
    Go Canada Go !!!

  5. To the positif, couragious and friendly Canada teem, go go and remember your fans that says ” its not over till its over”

  6. GO GO Canada teem and remember that its not over till its over!
    Please take care of our Brian and his tenacious Canada teem.

  7. I’m glad Team Canada is doing so well. We are all so proud of them!

    Tell Pat (my dad) that I say hi! ๐Ÿ˜€ We’re so proud of him and rootin’ for him… and well, praying that he lives through this, haha!! He talks highly of you Costa. *hugs for everyone*

  8. You,re doing a mighty fine job Costa,hope you,re not too broken up for the rest of the ride!! Say hi to my bro Brian and the rest of the awesome Canadian team, and the best of luck guy,s, still very close race!!

  9. Nice Costa, you seem to have the spirit to carry on, despite the tough conditions. Be sure to say hello to BRIAN for me, here in Portugal we’re pushing for you guys! Good luck! Go CANADA!!!

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