Ducati deals with AMG cars


Brothers under the skin: Ducati and AMG.

Ducati and the high-performance auto maker AMG have signed an agreement to develop “common marketing activities.”

AMG will be the “official car partner” for the 2011 Ducati MotoGP team, and customers for both brands will be able to test ride the other at special AMG and Ducati events.

The agreement was signed at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday.

AMG was founded in 1967 as a two-man operation and now is owned by Mercedes-Benz and produces the most expensive, highest-performance cars in the German marque’s line-up.


  1. Thanks Charlie! 🙂

    I knew that, but being a skinny white guy (kid) from the county, I didn’t want to try and pretend…

    Anyone can say it, but as I heard recently, if the wrong person says it, it still sounds SOOO WRONG… :grin

    Still liking that Devil though…

  2. Firstly, I can not take credit for the “Unobtainium” phrase… I don’t remember where it came from, but I didn’t invent it…

    Secondly.. WOW… Did some google drooling… Really like that Devil…

    V-Max, B-King, V-Rod, hey wait, did you say 169Hp from a 460lb twin, with a programmable engine management system, anti-lock and traction control??? And probably no more expensive???

    Triple the hp, half the weight of the other big twins I’ve been looking at (none of those three)… It’ll probably be a bad thing… More hooligan than I’m capable of being trusted with…

    I’m so weak…


  3. High end association always has a trickle down effect. Its the same with manufacturers sponsoring racing teams. Fiat and Yamaha are a great example. Piece of crap car coupled with the current stars of MotoGP. Luigi in Torino sees Valentino with Fiat all over his bike and says,”Hey, thatsa my car!” It obviously works otherwise Fiat wouldn’t be pouring big bucks into the effort.

    It might work for you if say Dell started sponsoring Kawasaki. The engineers might say, “My Dell laptop with 30 terabytes of memory and 50 gazillion megs of RAM help us design 250 twins which don’t explode at high rpm – unless they use a Fram filter.”

    Admit it. You’d be all over that. I can tell.

  4. totally agree with the first comment. I like that word “unobtainium”, very clever!
    Lot’s of these brands featured in this site (and most others as well) are just mechanical pornography….eh, like that phrase anyone?
    I’m always more engaged with the reviews on the brands that I actually have a hope in realistically owning some day. This stuff just gets me angry why I don’t have a bigger paycheque.

  5. Ducati Diavel (Devil) CMG has details under the Bikes section.
    I’m calling ‘stock’ since the agreement only mentioned sharing marketing.

  6. Great, more unobtainium from across the pond…

    Any idea what the Duc in the photo is??? Is it an AMG Duc or a normal model?


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