Honda Mid Concept


Honda calls the Mid Concept a "sector shattering combination".

It’s quite obvious that manufacturers don’t communicate much when designing concept vehicles. Case in point: Honda and the New Mid Concept.


This concept looks like it’s close to production.

From Honda’s press release: "The New Mid Concept will offer the energetic riding sensation of a motorcycle but with the ease and convenience of a scooter."

Sound familiar? It’s what BMW says the Concept C is. Hmmm, maybe they are communicating after all — covertly…

Honda goes on to call this a "sector shattering combination", which sounds pretty bold.

We’ll call it a "sector scuffing combination" because it does feature a dual-clutch transmission, 17-inch wheels, radial tires, motorcycle-type suspension components and ample weather protection.

Curiously, it also features a motorcycle style chain final drive instead of a shaft or scooter-like belt.

Well, we’re confused.





  1. Build it and some will buy it. Not everyone will like it but that’s why we have freedom of choice. If it will get more people out riding then that’s a benefit for all motorcycling. In these day days of ever tightening government restrictions on motorcycles and riders then the more riders the better it is for us all.

  2. No, it’s not just you … there’s more of us thinking the same thing. Can you imagine what would they lineup look like if they didn’t come out with the new CBR250R, that could save their neck and let them hope that they will replace the marketing people who are telling the engineers this is what people want or will want ….

  3. Is it just me, or does Honda seem to be throwing a lot of stuff up against the wall to see what sticks ?
    Maybe they have a lot of new engineer/designers that they’re priming for the car division ???

  4. I appreciate that Honda have provided a space between the seat and fairing for Scots to put their “package” while wearing kilts. :grin

  5. How is this easier to park than a normal properly looking motorcycle??? have you looked at the size of the tires?

    Honda is just trying to come up with some revolutionary two wheel vehicles calling all kinds of names, while the success is to delivery bikes people are already asking or have been asking for a long time. Why aren’t they willing to do that, instead of wasting money on such things like this one or DN-01???

  6. People will make fun of this on North American sites, but it will be an enormous hit in European cities, where the low-speed manoeuvrability, cheap operating cost, weather protection and easy parking make big scooters the top choice for city commuters.

    Ever been to Paris? They’re everywhere!!!

    The chain drive on this carries some performance implications. I wonder what it’s got for a motor?

  7. I’ll borrow one of Rob Harris’ favourite words to describe my first impression of both the concept and the design of this thing. That would be [b]”SHITE”.[/b] :upset

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