Husqvarna on acid


The Mille 3 takes the award for most messed up concept of show.

We have it from a reliable source that Husqvarna is about to embark on a series of large capacity road-only bikes. Which, if you don’t know anything about Husqvarna, is pretty big as they’re only really known for chainsaws and dirt bikes/supermotards.


Maybe it showed up in Munich in parts with a one page booklet and Allen key.

This direction was confirmed at the current EICMA show when Husqvarna released a concept of what these new bikes may look like with the Mille 3.

Using a V3 cylindered motor of 993 cc (made up of three of the company’s 331 cc singles mated to a common crank) the Mille 3 looks like a perfectly good Husqvarna supermotard bike that has been squashed by a lardy arsed fattie.

Thankfully it’s not meant for actual production but just to show what the BMW owned Swedish firm can do given some time, a supermotard, an obese man and a kilo of LSD.


  1. Wait wait wait! Hang on now guys! Remember the Honda Reflex? The street level trials bike. Well, Husky just took it to a new level. Stuck in traffic?

    Got to get to that big meeting? Just pop a wheel up over that Civic in front of you ride over the car and be gone!

    Is that Damn Peterbilt stuck in traffic in front of you? Lay flat on tank and go under the trailer!

    That pesky medium keeping you from crossing the hiway? Not any more! think like Will Douggan! Lift the front wheel, pop over that pesky piece of concrete!

    Elevator full at the CN Tower and you got a hot date on top? My friend, with over 900cc’s of V3 power, stairs are a thing of the past!

  2. I’m interested in the motor. It’s like an updated version of a old DKW/NSR layout. Hope they do something else with that engine.

  3. By the amount of the stupid concepts released at this show, one could hardly say we are recovering from very heavy handed recession …

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