Motorcycling cop stops rape


They also serve and protect.

A woman who was attacked while riding
her bicycle may owe her survival to a motorcyclist.

And not just a motorcyclist, but an
off-duty Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper, who was enjoying a Sunday
ride when he came upon the incident.

It was near Hartford, Ohio, early on
Sunday afternoon where a 60-year-old woman was riding a bicycle when
a car pulled over in front of her and a man got out and asked for

He got close to the woman, then grabbed
her. She fell off her bike and was then dragged by her feet off the
road. Police say the man pulled down her pants and choked her. That’s
when the motorcycling trooper happened on the scene.

He said he saw something in the road
that he thought was a bicycle accident, but then the man and the
woman appeared, and the woman yelled that the man had tried to rape
her. The cop identified himself and parked his bike in front of the
man’s car, but the man got into the car and drove away, hitting the
bike. He was driving a 2005 Chevrolet Impala with an Ohio or
Pennsylvania licence plate, and he was described as caucasian, about
30 years old, with brown hair and clean-shaven. He wore a dark
T-shirt and blue jeans.

The woman was taken to a hospital, but
there are no reports of serious injuries to either the woman or the
cop. News reports did not state whether the cop was riding a police bike or his own motorcycle.


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