CMG GTA pub night – tonight!


Bring your dancing shoes …

Editor ‘arris will be gracing the metropolis of Toronto with his presence tonight (12th of September) and would like to invite any and all of the CMG readership in town to join him for a pint and a good old knees up*

Since he’s going to be based on the eastern side of town, he’s gone and booked the loft area (that’s the upstairs bit) of the Murphy’s Law pub located at 1702 Queen Street East between Coxwell and Woodbine Avenue (map).

We’ve told the pub to expect between one lonely editor and a hoard of about 15 CMGers to attend, showing up around 7:00pm (yes, we’ve moved it an hour earlier than previously stated to keep the masses happy).

* This is a little on the optimistic side but buy him enough drinks and you never know what will happen.


  1. To reply to some of the questions:

    1) Sorry Stagman, no t-shirts.

    2) Brian, I may have some updates on the MBSR if I get drunk enough.

    3) I’ve moved the start time from 8:00 to 7:00!

    4) Sadly nothing to show off as I plan to have a few drinks

    5) Sorry Magiq, missed the ride, but hopefully you’ll be able to make the pub night now it’s at 7.

    Cheers, Rob

  2. Hey Rob, if you’re in town, join us for the Red, White & Blue ride starting at Nathan Phillips Sq. 10:30ish am. Bring a toy for the Salvation Army.
    The ride is a police escort up Yonge St. to the 401, then east to the DVP, south to Richmond and back to city hall.

    Drop me a note if you’re interested, I’ll let you know where the club is meeting prior.

    As for the pub, 8pm is a little late, post RW&B ride would’ve been great.

  3. Well; I just might have to pop down myself.

    I’ve heard rumours of the good Editor being a husband and a father and will have to confirm this in person.

  4. It’s a corner unit, right where Queen Street and Kingston Road cross. (north-west corner)

    There’s a parking lot in behind it, and meter parking on Queen Street.

  5. I plan to attend, although I will be returning from a road trip either that afternoon or earlier. So…I may arrive fully loaded with luggage. Cheers.

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