H-D wants to back out of deal


H-D museum is intended to make money for Harley.

Harley-Davidson wants to pull out of a
deal to construct an office building near its new museum in the
Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Harley agreed six years ago to build an
office building along with its museum, which opened in 2008.
Opponents to the museum argued that the land it would be situated on
could better be used for development that would result in office or
light-industry jobs, so Harley-Davidson said it would put up office
buildings as part of its museum complex. The office space would
result in about 300 jobs, Harley said.

The city has paid about $10-million
into Harley’s museum development.

But as Harley-Davidson’s economic
fortunes decline, the motorcycle manufacturer is seeking ways to save
money, and wants to back out of the office deal, according to a story
on the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel’s website.


  1. wouldn’t the local strip bar or Hooter’s parking lot qualify as an HD museum?
    Not to sound prudish, I visit those establishments myself. I just don’t ride a Harley.

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