Don't forget Port Dover


Port Dover sees big crowds on Friday the 13th.

Thousands of motorcyclists will likely ride to Port Dover, Ontario, this weekend.

Friday is the first time a Friday the 13th has appeared in quite some time during warm weather, so the popular motorcycling event will probably attract more riders than usual. It will also provide a good riding opportunity for riders who see the end of summer approaching too quickly.

Port Dover has been the destination for riders every time Friday the 13th rolls around, a tradition that has gone on for years and that the town’s businesses generally welcome, as it infuses the local economy with large volumes of cash.

Beer gardens and other welcoming comforts make the small town a motorcycle-friendly haven for the day — often for the entire weekend.

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  1. The first Friday the 13th, there were only 2 motorcycles there. Chris Simons who rode about 140 feet to get there and Ray Guindon “Quincy” from Brantford. I know becauce he asked me to go with him that night. I saw him the next morning and he told me there were only 6 guys there at the bar”the commercial”. I went to the next Friday13, there where about 16 guys there including my brother Harley Munro and Rick Donovan. Thats when the party started

  2. I couldn’t make it this year but have gone up there about 5 times through the years. A good time. From Cleveland Oh its over 500 miles round trip so I would say I have traveled a long way for a Tshirt for the Mrs. Great custom bikes, Kawasaki triples next to BSA’s and one time an olive drab Sunbeam tucked away near the river. Give yourselves some credit its a great event warts and all!

  3. Rode into Port Dover early this morning to try and beat the crowds. My 1st trip to a Friday 13th event and it was amazing! The assortment of bikes lining the streets; from choppers, cruisers, sport bikes, trikes, all makes & models, if it has 2-wheels it’s here. Never in my life have I seen so many awesome bikes in one place.

  4. End of summer approaching? Personally, I consider high summer to be a slow time for riding, when it’s often too damned hot for riding comfortably. Give me the cool, (often) dry days of fall, when if necessary I can always dress a little warmer.

    As to PD-13 – BTDT, got the t-shirt(s). It’s a somewhat interesting scene, but getting to be just too many people and too much traffic to be something I’d consider enjoyable.

  5. “O” yes Port Dover. Made the trip in the summer of 2007 well living in Toronto move from Lethbridgr Alberta, had a great time wonderful people,” great Food” and I’d say close to ?? 80,000 on hand. If you have a chance it’s worth the visit.

  6. Sniveling me will be in attendance. Will be attempting to photo-document this one in some interesting way, different from other attempts… even possible?

  7. I’m goin’….took the day off work…it’s only once or twice a year (sometimes three)and it’s a hoot to see everything from Ducati’s to Banditos….

  8. You, (every snivling, whining one of you) are all invited to my Fri 13th. event, the largest gathering of motorcyclists in Canada. I’m expecting up to 250,000 people to enjoy a day off work, while viewing every brand & type of motorcycle, good food , good music, & good friends, many that have not met each other yet.

  9. Wish it were true that all bikers were brothers, but it just ain’t so. Likely more true 30 years ago when fewer bikers were around. There was a deeper connection than what ‘unites’ the fair-weather bikers and pirate posers today. Riding itself, trumped what you rode. Similarly, the waved greeting made sense when rarely passing another rider. Now in BC, you’d have to wave at every fourth vehicle, which is a bit silly.

    Love to ride, love the many different bikes I’ve ridden, but don’t necessarily love bikers per se. Those loud, slow ones parked by beer tent? I think I’ll take a pass.

  10. Ahhhhhh don’t be hatin’! “Biker”, motorcyclist,ADVRider or Scooterist … doesn’t matter! We’re all brothers and sisters when on 2 wheels! If I was able to go to Dover I would and I’d enjoy the day being around thousands of motorcyclists … and I’d enjoy a beer or 3 too!

  11. Instead of going to Port Dover, I think I’ll go down to the local mall, find a Crown Victoria and slam the door on my head eight or nine times.

    Beer gardens and bikers. What could possibly go wrong there?

  12. And when you’re finished at Port Dover, ride up to Mosport to watch the VRRA Vintage Festival races. Demo rides, static displays, Paul Smart, a full schedule of racing and camping if you so desire, all for $30.


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