Lib com director dies


Mario Lague.
Photo courtesy Liberal Party of Canada.

The director of communications for the federal liberal party and former ambassador to Costa Rica, Mario Lague was killed this morning when his motorcycle t-boned an SUV at the junction of Scott and Parkdale streets in Ottawa. 

No details of the crash have been released but Lague, 52, was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving behind a wife and two children. According to Ottawa police, the 49 year old driver of the SUV suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital and may face charges.

“A man of many talents and accomplishments, Mario was a beloved member
of our staff, and a valued personal advisor to me and the entire Liberal
team,’’ Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff said in the e-mailed statement.

More info about Lague can be found here.



  1. There are more details on the Ottawa Citizen website. Appears the motorcyclist was none other than Mario Laguë, the senior communications aide to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. Laguë was driving his new blue Honda Shadow motorcycle along Scott Street toward his office on Parliament Hill. At the intersection with Parkdale Avenue, a grey Mitsubishi SUV abruptly turned in front of the bike.
    Charges appear likely as a result of the accident. The motorcycle hit the rear door of the SUV in the middle of the intersection just before 7 a.m.

  2. ^ loud pipes? You’re on your own there.

    Sounds like the typical “didn’t see ’em” and turned in front of a motorcyclist. My heart goes out to the family. But it’ll be interesting if this actually prompts a look at the countless who die this way.

  3. My sincere condolences go out to the family. Being a motorcyclist my self we all have to watch out for those cagers (cars) that don’t see us or hear us coming. I think also that maybe we should take a serious look at this silly noise bylaw coming into effect, if the bike was loud enough, chances are the vehicle would have heard him..
    these are my thoughts

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