Go to work on your bike

sm_ridetowork.jpg Ladies and gentlemen, start your
engines. And go to work.

But not just yet, because the world
celebrates International Ride to Work Day on the summer solstice —
June 21, that is. So today you can take the bus, and read CMG on your iPad.

It’s the 19th annual Ride to Work
Day this year, and motorcyclists throughout Canada, the
United States, and some other countries — including Germany, the
Philippines, England, France, Turkey, Israel, and Ecuador — will be
expected to get on their bikes and go to work.

Unfortunately, only a few of them will
be able to ride to the pub and call it going to work — but for
bartenders, wait-people, and others in the pubtainment sector, we salute you.

Ride to Work Day was inspired by Andy
Goldfine and his Aerostich company, and was first suggested in an
article in the May 1992 issue of Road Rider magazine. Here, from the
magazine’s "Ride to Work" editorial, is an excerpt (courtesy
www.ridetowork.org ): "You
may remember several months ago when Bob Carpenter, commenting in his
‘Two Up’ column, mentioned how neat he thought it would be if there
was one day a year when everyone who owned a motorcycle used
it to ride to work. That comment was prompted by a T-shirt
produced by Aerostich RiderWear that simply said, ‘Work To Ride, Ride
To Work.’ Everyone seemed to think that a national ‘Ride To Work’ day
was one heck of a good idea."

The first Ride to Work Day event was
held on July 22 that year.

The notion was supported privately by
U.S. businesses, including Aerostich and Road Rider Magazine, and in
2000 a non-profit organization was formed under the Ride to Work
name. In 2008, the annual day was changed frm the third Wednesday in
July to the third Monday in June, which allowed more riders around
the world to take part.

For decals and other propaganda
regarding Ride to Work, see www.ridetowork.org.

And for those who are unemployed,
riding to the pub is officially endorsed by CMG as a Ride to Work activity
— just don’t drink alcohol and ride home, or anywhere else, afterward.


  1. Have to ride day! Doesn’t everyone ride on their birthday!
    It’s like that Christmas day ride… sorry easter Canadians… It;s tradition.

  2. I’ll be somewhere near Warm Springs VA with my bike at that time, and although I intend to ride a lot I don’t want to work, so phooey to this idea for me!

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