Sportster gets all sporty


XR1200X comes with fully adjustable (and very modern) suspension.

With Buell gone, Harley-Davidson hasn’t
completely abandoned the sport rider and has released the sportiest
Sportster in its 53-year model run.

The 2011 XR1200X is a new variation on
the XR750-inspired XR1200 introduced in Canada in 2009.

The new X-model gets fully adjustable
suspension, including a Showa big piston fork (BPF — all the rage
on modern Japanese supersports) adjustable for compression and
rebound damping, and Showa nitrogen-charged piggyback shocks, also
adjustable for compression and rebound. Both ends are preload
adjustable also.

The new stuff doesn’t end there,
because the XR-X’s Nissin four-piston calipers now squeeze fully
floating brake rotors up front, a change from solid rotors on the

Still pumping the ponies is a
fuel-injected, 1,203 cc 45-degree air-cooled mill, and wheels remain
at 18-inch in the front and 17-inch at the rear. New white paint and
a blacked-out engine and exhaust distinguish the X from the non-X.

Pricing has yet to be released, but
expect it to be somewhere upwards of the $12,829 of the 2010 XR1200.


  1. I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat. I hope HD sells a ton of them, hopefully one to me if I can find enough change between the couch cushions.
    There’s no substitution for high quality suspension. I wish it was chain driven and had spoke wheels, I’d add them if I owned one.
    Not sure about white though. I like the orange one and the black is OK.
    It would be nice if they made a bit of an XLCR looking one too.

  2. I really wanted to like this bike. I`ve been following the site since it`s inception and there are way too many problems reported by riders. Couple that kinda off putting news with a 70 klick trip to my nearest dealer,so much for that idea. After the Buell fiasco and B- owner satisfaction for the 1200 it looks like the MoCo will keep on keepin` on.

  3. Actually, I’d say Harley didn’t just abandon, but betrayed the sport-rider. The closure of Buell was sad, but the refusal to sell them was infuriating.

    I’ll never consider buying a Harley again . . . no matter what they make.

  4. I had this bike for about a month courtesy of Deeley’s…it was one of the most “FUN” bikes I have ridden in years. I loved it!! I want one too so get behind me in line Bondo!

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