New Triumph Sprint GT


Sprint GT for touring with sport.

Triumph has launched a new 1050cc Sprint geared for riders
who want more touring in their motorcycle and less sport.

The Sprint GT complements the Sprint ST model, but features
a reshaped fairing, an updated three-cylinder motor that makes 130 claimed horsepower
and is geared for midrange power, 31-litre saddlebags, standard ABS brakes, an
optional top box that can hold two full-face helmets, and an electrical system
that will charge your cell phone.

The Sprint GT is priced at $14,399 Cdn and will be released
to Canadian dealers this fall as an early 2011 model.


  1. I agree with Shamus. Too litte too late. I to would have bought one in 04/05 but with 12 new models coming in the next couple of years why buy the 1050 when you know a 1200/1300 triple is on the way. Ah, those brit marketing geniuses strike again

  2. I might have to arrange a test ride, before dropping 15+k on one. I do like the looks of this. My last sport tourer (ST1300) was a great ride. However a replacement will run me over 20k. May just rather have the 5k in my pocket rather than in Honda’s hands.

  3. to campare an 01 sprint to a aprilia T is like apple and oranges
    i had an 01 and loved it,maybe if you had an 05 sprint might be more relevant. if they deliver i will trade my st 1300 for one in a second

  4. No doubt this is a huge improvement over the ’01 Sprint that I traded to get my Tuono.
    Good move on the part of Triumph!

  5. This is the bike I likely would have bought five years ago and I may not have sold it after four years if Triumph had a) fixed the ST’s problems with a brake recall and b) made it more touring-capable like the new GT.

    Ah well… I am not complaining, the engine and chassis are wonderful things together and this evolution of the Sprint is a good direction.

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