AMA vets 1,2 in TTXGP race


Shawn Higbee leads Michael Barnes through Infineon’s curves.
Photo: Mike Finnegan, Infineon Raceway

American superbike rider Shawn Higbee won the first U.S.
zero-carbon TTXGP road race at Infineon Raceway in California on the weekend.

Higbee won the 11-lap, 25-mile race on a Zero-Agni
motorcycle, finishing 13 seconds ahead of second-place rider Michael Barnes —
another AMA Superbike series veteran — on a Lightning Motorcycles bike.

Higbee said he enjoyed the absence of vibration and felt the
electric bikes were close to gas-powered motorcycles in power and speed.

Higbee’s motorcycle ran an average time of 1:56, which was
faster than some of the gasoline-guzzling superbikes that ran in other race
series over the weekend at Infineon. 

Two of the 10 bikes that started the race did not finish. Barnes was sidelined for almost a minute when his power supply cut out, which allowed Higbee to gallop away at the lead, but he still managed to find second place, a lap down from Higbee, at the end. In third place was Mike Hannas on an Electric Race Bikes entry.


  1. Yes, yes everyone knows most of our electricity comes from fossil fuels.

    I find it interesting that there is relatively little motorcycle coverage of electric bikes but according to RoadracerX there was more coverage of this than the actual superbike race buy outside media.

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