KTM's Freeride


KTM’s new Freeride also comes in supermoto on-raod style.

In October 2008, pictures began circulating all over the web of an electric KTM motocrosser. That bike has finally been revealed and it is called the Freeride.


The new 1-stroke…

KTM claims 90 kg (198 lb) for the Freeride, with performance comparable to a 125 cc two-stroke.

The bike uses a delta box aluminum frame with forged aluminum components. WP supplies the inverted fork and single rear shock, both adjustable, but exactly what type of adjustability has not yet been divulged. Following the current trend in motocross, wheels are 19-inch in the rear and 21 in the front.

Power comes via a “permanent energized synchronous motor in shrunk-on-disc construction” that peaks at a claimed 30 hp and produces 31.7 lb-ft of torque at just 500 rpm.

Claimed top speed is comparable to other electric bikes on the market, at 70 km/h. Charging is claimed to be just 1.5 hours.


If you look carefully you can see the ‘shrunk-on-disc’ construction.

The bike uses wave rotors and radial calipers for braking, but the braking system is also regenerative, providing a charge to the batteries when slowing down, something its main electric competition, the Zero MX, does not yet have.

Production is slated to begin this summer, with delivery of the first units forecast for spring 2011. Currently, KTM is targeting a retail price in Europe of under €10,000 ($13,600 CDN – ouch!)



  1. Looks alright, price is disappointing though. also it doesn’t look even close to any street legality which would bring the price even higher … expensive toy overall, with very time limited usage, unless you have multiple batteries ready in the trunk of your car ….

  2. I think this is just the beginning, you will see more options and better pricing in the not too distant future. I suspect with current technology people would be carrying spare batteries rather than generators.

    It can’t be a bad thing if there is another option for more people to ride motorcycles in more locations!

  3. Gas powered generators will be in short supply as the legions of ‘Greenies’ line up looking for ways to charge the bikes on their weekend get-aways. :eek

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