Harley CEO paid millions


Keith E. Wandell
Photo: Harley-Davidson

In his first eight months as chairman
of Harley-Davidson, Keith E. Wandell was paid $6.4 million U.S.

The CEO received a base salary of
$650,025 starting May 1, 2009, according to a story in the York Daily Record’s ydr.com. To that were added a bonus of $780,030
and stock and option awards worth $4.9 million. He received another
payment worth $22,515, most of it in cash.

Wandell took over for retiring CEO
James L. Ziemer, who was paid $2.9 million during his final four
months at Harley.

Harley-Davidson lost $218.7 million in
its fourth quarter, but it has laid off workers, closed factories,
and ditched unwanted brands to turn the tide.


  1. He’ll be succeeded by a “product guy” who will decide to add brands and diversify, and be paid double. Wonder how they did with the MV Agusta deal? How long before a Buell like Harley with the V-rod engine?

  2. Don’t blame the guy, blame the idiots who hired him, otherwise it would be blaming a hockey player for a fat contract and not producing (half of NHL is like that …) :grin

  3. Well doesn’t that just say, KISS MY BUCKS. HD has been money hungry first and placing the customer base second. In light the KKR group have made motions that they want to do a leverage buy out of HD stock. Why? because somone has already done the nasty and cut the strings for Buell.
    I have liked my HD’s but sorry they aren’t keeping up with the tide. If thet want to compete, a big inch non air cooled, unit construction motor is needed.
    Even Enfield an Indian company has stepped up to the plate with unit construction.
    Good luck Willy but my dollars are my vote. VICTORY

  4. Not trying to be a shit disturber here but …
    all I ever heard from you whiny herd of wankers when Buells were discussed was scorn. Now that they are gone it seems that everyone thinks it was a bad decision to dissolve this fine company. As a Buell S2 owner, I’ve always known about the emotional if not always purely functional appeal of a Buell .
    We (the previously mentioned whiny herd of wankers) decided Buells fate by being so in love with Japanese functionality that we lost our souls. Now I need a good ride, where did I put my DR 650? :grin

  5. How many times must we hear of this sort of thin? CEOs and executives of floundering and failing companies getting paid huge bonuses? I’m of sure of HD line workers’ salaries but if they made an average of $60,000 US, this one year payout equals about 100 jobs that HD axed earlier in the year…

  6. All CEO’s from big corporations believe that they are entitled to these big paycheques and bonus payments. How the company stocks and profits perform during their tenure is irrelevant. The CEO of BCE made…. wait for it… 19.6 million dollars last year. To earn this he did exactly what?? 🙁

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