Free rider training


Here’s an idea that might benefit the struggling motorcycling industry: free riding instruction for beginners.

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program offers free training for local Pennsylvania residents. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a state motorcycle operator’s licence.

It’s a big program — last year more than 26,000 students went through it. The Basic Rider Course is for novices and it provides students with a motorcycle and a helmet. An Experienced Rider Course is also available, but riders use their own motorcycles for that. The licence is available through either of the courses.

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state to offer free basic rider training — Illinois also does. A quick Web search for free motorcycle training in Canada turned up nothing.


  1. In many states “free rider training” is paid by the extra surcharge on license plates and sticker renewals.  The fees are often thrown into the total road maintenance costs and subsequently m/c rider training $often runs out in the middle of the training season. Our system of paying for it and then reaping the insurance discounts works better than “supposed free training”.  Nothing is free except for the Yamaha Riding Academy free rider training for children at bike shows across Canada.    Clinton Smout 

  2. Good idea. Maybe an even better one would be to mandate some sort of motorcycle-related awareness training for all cage licenses…

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