World record jump

sm_seth-enslow.jpg American stunter Seth Enslow broke the
world-record for jump distance for a Harley-Davidson on Tuesday, jumping 183.7 ft (56 m)
aboard an XR1200.

This occurred in Australia shortly
after he made a 175 ft (53.34 m) jump — both feats breaking Bubba
Blackwell’s 1999 Las Vegas record of 157 ft (47.85 m).

"I might have broke the record but
I think I broke my nut too," Enslow said after the jump. "My
balls hit right about here," he added, pointing to a
cracked fuel tank on the Harley. He said modifications were limited
to stiffer suspension and different handlebars.

Enslow performed the jump near Sydney
Harbour, using a ramp constructed in the days prior to the event. The
distance record was once held by Evel Knievel after he jumped 14
buses in 1975, also on a Harley-Davidson.

Enslow’s stunt is impressive, but for
even more fun, check out Kain Saul’s backflip on an XR1200.


  1. Kinda makes that XR look like a TW from Yamaha…

    Of course, I can’t remember the last time I saw a twin shock rear suspension…

    Maybe it was on the Bob Hannah poster I had in my room as a kid.

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