Another CMG-er Down

larry_mit_guzzi_web.jpgLong-time CMG editor and resident curmudgeon (and one of my best
friends), Larry Tate, was involved in an on track incident during the
SOAR endurance race Saturday, September 12 at Cayuga that left him
with seven broken ribs and a punctured lung.

According to a rider who saw the incident, with approximately five
minutes left in the endurance race, another rider passed Larry on the
outside of a turn, swooped across to get a line on the next corner and
clipped Larry’s front wheel, putting him down hard.

Larry was taken to Hamilton General hospital for treatment and
observation and, as of ten o’clock Monday morning, was stabilized and
waiting for transport to Belleville, closer to his Napanee home. He is
expected to be there for a couple of days until he’s well enough to be

Geez Larry, when I broke my shoulder blade and two ribs at Mosport in
August, I wasn’t throwing down a challenge for you to try and go one
step further.

More as it develops.

Steve Bond
CMG Road Tester


  1. Larry, The last time we corresponded, you advised against me purchasing a ZZR1100 for track day use, as it’s likely to seriously “hurt” me – sound advice I think. Sadly, track incidents have a variety of causes, many outside your control. I hope you mend quickly and completely but more so I hope fervently that it will only be a short time before you’re back in the saddle, terrorising the Eastern Ontario backroads. The very best of wishes to you, from all the Lewis family back in Blighty.

  2. Larry,
    Get well soon and do what the Doctors tell you.
    Rest is good..we are old.
    Jodie Christie was the rider that took you out.
    Pissed me off…there was only 2 minutes left in race, if he had waited 30 more feet he could have passed you in the short straight a way after the corner. They were not going to win the race.
    Dave Buckland’s team won the race and all the fame and glory.

    Bike is almost fixed…I wish your ribs were that easy.

    BMW 49

  3. I hope Larry will take some small comfort from two facts: a) this was near the end of the season rather than the beginning and b) someone got photos. Scary photos! Glad you weren’t hurt worse.

  4. It was a pretty scary crash to see, I saw the whole thing and it looked like the bike may have landed on Larry. Your account or the incident is accurate. It was quite a distance away but caught this sequence of pictures.

    [url=]Link Text[/url]

  5. That blows big time Larry.
    Hope you recover quickly. There can’t be many ribs you missed ?
    I miss your crumudgeonly manner already. 🙁

    Get better soon

    Thanks Steve for the update

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