Canadian Scooter Recall (#2009216)


Models Involved: 2006-2008 Piaggio BV500, 2005-2007 X9

Number of Vehicles:154

Problem: On certain scooters, the fuel hose located between the fuel pump and the fuel filter may have been improperly fastened during vehicle assembly. A loose connection could cause a drop in, or loss of, fuel pressure to the engine. Engine stalling would result in lost propulsion which, in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the rider’s reactions, could increase the risk of a crash.

Correction: Dealers will replace the section of fuel hose between the fuel pump and fuel filter.

Harley-Davidson Recall (#2009124)

screamin-road-glide.jpgModels Involved: 2009 Screamin Eagle Road Glide FLTRSE3

Number of Vehicles: 177

Problem: Certain motorcycles may have been assembled with an incorrectly manufactured rear wheel. The wheel could crack and fail during use, which could result in a vehicle crash causing personal injury or death. Certain wheel assemblies, sold over-the-counter as accessory parts, are also involved.

Correction: Correction: Dealers will remove the rear wheel and inspect the manufacturer’s code. Wheels that are marked with the code "R1" or "R2" will be replaced.

Honda Recall (#2009230)


Models Involved:2007-2009 CBR125

Number of Vehicles: 6,613

Problem: Certain motorcycles fail to comply with the requirements of CMVSS 108 – Lighting System and Retroreflective Devices. The headlight lens does not have the DOT marking required by the Standard.

Correction: As the lamp meets all the photometric and environmental requirements of the Standard, and thereby does not pose any risk to safety, no corrective action will be taken.

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