Retro mag now available

motoretro240.jpg Some time ago (last January, actually) we reported here that U.S. moto scribe Mitch Boehm was planning a new magazine focused on relatively new "vintage" bikes. Boehm has finally gotten everything together and the first issue is shipping this week (August 17-21).

"Moto Retro covers a more recent slice of the classic landscape," says Boehm, "the late ’60s, 1970s and early ’80s. As a result we feature a lot of Japanese bikes — street bikes, dirt bikes and minis, the motorcycles most baby-boomers grew up with."

Moto Retro Illustrated is pricier than your standard monthly bike book ($9.95 per copy), primarily because it’s oversized and printed on thick, luxurious paper, but also because the magazine’s business model doesn’t rely solely on advertising for revenue — as do the majority of other magazines. "We’re relying on the reader more," Boehm says. "We don’t need huge numbers to survive; just enough hard-core readers who’ll pay a bit more for a beautiful, glossy magazine jam-packed with good stuff from motorcycling’s glory days."

More info at: Moto Retro Illustrated at 310-849-1845,, Mitch tells us that Canadians who want a single issue can send $14.95 U.S. to through Paypal. The extra cost is for shipping by DHL.


  1. Looks like he stole the name from a defunct British magazine that was published about 10 yrs ago. I still have all 10 copies of it. Great mag. Too bad they went tits up.

  2. Im already subscribed to a magazine that covers these bikes. Its been out for a few years now and has a great amount of Canadian (British Columbian) content. I kind of get the feeling this magazine might be jumping on the band wagon of the retro bike interest.

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