H-D scouts for move


"I’m goin’ to Kansas City …"

Harley-Davidson has toured several of the sites it’s considering for a new motorcycle plant. The company is considering shutting down its long-standing York, Pennsylvania, operation due to cost inefficiencies, and is looking at places in Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri as possible sites of a new manufacturing facility.

A Harley spokesman said the company would prefer to stay in York, where 2,300 people are employed in Harley’s largest single factory.

But by late last week, Harley officials had paid visits to three of the four potential new sites, in Shelbyville, Kentucky; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and Shelbyville, Indiana. The fourth potential site is at Kansas City, Missouri.


  1. Why not Shelbyville Ontario ? …
    Sounds like the politicians are lining up to throw cash.
    “Prefer to stay in York ” with a ready made work force but ….(Pay Up Suckers)
    I thought economies of scale are based on having a marketable product ?
    Sell what yah got first or to quote a source from GM … Geesh – Forget that

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