Honda V4 spy shots


Motorcyclist Online and other website magazines are showing pictures of what is said to be Honda’s new VFR1200 on a hot-weather test ride.

Motorcyclist says the photos, shot by Brenda Priddy and Co. and clear and detailed, suggest a bike that takes its inspiration from the CBR1100XX Blackbird and could stand up to the Hayabusa and ZX-14 in a speed contest.

The magazine says horsepower is rumoured to be about 200 at the crank and the engine will be able to shut down a bank of cylinders in low-speed conditions to save fuel.

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  1. What an [b]UGLY[/b] bike :eek . Kinda like a puckered rendition of the original Hurricane. I bet it will be overpriced like that DN01 scooter thingy.

  2. Didn’t they go through this in the 80s?? The magna, sabre, and interceptor are now all extinct. Granted, they sell a half-dozen vfr’s a year.

  3. Awesome, but where’s the ST1300 replacement?
    By the look of that BMW style shaft drive, a K1300GT beater is coming soon!

  4. TB: Time to relax a little, eh? If this bike will be carrying on the VFR tradition it won’t be the favourite of stunters and squids. It’ll be a capable, relatively comfortable, high-tech all-rounder with an emphasis on spirited touring. At first it looked like a direct competitor to the K1200GT from BMW, but the scrawny test riders make it look bigger than it probably is, and relatively aggressive ergos make me think it’ll be geared towards the current VFR crowd.

    I can’t wait! My 98 VFR is great, but I’d like more range and better passenger comfort and no chain! Not sure about the styling..

  5. You know, it’s funny that Honda should be developing this bike. I was just thinking the other day… what the world really needs is a 200 HP street bike that will push testosterone charged types to a. Easily lose their license by going 50km over. b. Give insurance companies more ammunition to black list sport bikes. c. Encourage speeding and stunting which will allow the rest of the motoring public to dislike motorcyclists even more than they do now. d. Allow “speed racer wannabees” to push themselves far beyond their skill level and endanger their lives and the lives of others. Well done!

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