Yamaha working hard


Yamaha has been busy creating ideas to attract customers, and the return of a product line from the ’70s features strongly in the Canadian branch’s future.

Yamaha Motor Canada will bring back the TRIC brand, which they introduced about 30 years ago. TRIC stands for Tested, Reliable, Innovative, and Canadian, and "represents the highest quality accessories in the industry," according to Bryan Hudgin, a Yamaha Canada spokesman.

Hudgin says in a press release that TRIC accessories are made for Canadian terrain and the Canadian climate.

The first accessories will fit ATVs, but "TRIC brand products will continue to expand … throughout all Yamaha powersport lines," so we’re taking that as a promise that R1, Star, and other Yamaha motorcycles will be accessorized by TRIC.

Elsewhere, Yamaha is reported to be working on a hybrid that will use the R6 motor to turn a generator that will power the rear wheel. Yamaha’s 2010 hybrid looks a bit like Honda’s current DN-01, but has the addition of some sassy saddlebags. See www.gizmag.com for pictures.

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