Straight pipes non grata


Police-seeking missiles

Attention-seeking bikers with straight pipes will pay the piper this summer, say Fredericton police.

A news story in the Daily Gleaner says cops in the east coast city will target the most severe cases of motorcycle noise, even though they have no objective test, such as a decibel meter, for the job.

Police Chief Barry MacKnight promised more aggressive enforcement of noise regulations, which are essentially muffler regulations, and will hand out fines worth $172.50 for riders using unmuffled exhaust systems. He said only a few riders are doing this.

He admitted that the Motor Vehicle Act in New Brunswick makes applying the law difficult, as it only stipulates that exhaust systems must work to reduce noise, but he hopes for changes in the law.

Local politicians say the noisy bikers are seeking attention by revving their motorcycles unnecessarily. However, responses to the noise story suggest that the police might be better off targeting small cars with giant stereos than the few bikers who seem to feel that everyone loves the sound of an unmuffled motorcycle.


  1. A fair decible meter test would be nice. Are all ears alike? I think not. If we are breaking the noise pollution law, we will gladly pay the fine. You cannot fine a person for a DUI just because you ‘think’ they are drunk. My bike was deemed acceptable in Western Canada–with a meter test. In F’ton I am pulled over by a biker cop while riding between very tall, close to the street buildings–which of course will echo sounds–and ticketed. No test, nothing. Just ears. Riding for two years here, no problem. All of a sudden I am now ‘too loud’??? Where is the fairness in this???

  2. Actually loud pipes do keep the woodland creatures in the bushes and off the roads. I’ve noticed many times that moose do not like the Jake Brake on my truck and will turn away from running on the road. But just for clarification, I DO NOT USE MY JAKE IN CITY LIMITS.

  3. Hi I live just outside Fredericton N.B. and our bible banging backward thinking city is at it again. It all started a year ago when the people of an alternative lifestyle opened up a bar downtown and were disturbed that their but slamming in the washroom stalls was interrupted by the loud bike [ and tuner cars ] exhausts. We all know that bikers are an easilly identified group so now the gestapo is at it with the big PR blitz.Never mind all the crime that goes on over on the northside reservation by our wonderful native canadiens. Loud pipes keep the animals in the woods PERIOD!

  4. Loud pipes save lives…the lives of who…the morons that ride down my street on their Harley’s, blissfully unaware that their motorcycles have more then one gear, riding with the revs at the limit and a leaving a beautifull concert of car alarms going off in their wake. Not the kind of morons that I would be defending or want to be associated with as a motorcyclist.

  5. Yes they have two specially trained constables.
    Actually they were the only two who’s fingers were in their ears.
    The rest had their fingers in (the more typical) their arses.

  6. Norfolk County, OPP have announced they have 2 specially trained officers who will be targeting loud pipes & handing out &110.00 fines this summer.

  7. They should make loud pipes mandatory on every street legal bike sold in Canada. The money saved in medical costs alone would be astounding.

  8. Actually loud pipes do save lives.. they piss off enough people who eventually vote to outright ban bikes from the area. If you really need peoples attention so bad try looking into a tattoo, piercing or one of those ear stretching thingys like the rest of the losers.

  9. Don’t they know loud pipes save lives? I just hope the number of accidents doesn’t skyrocket because of this decision.

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