Zero hour approaches, silently


Street legal (soon) Zero S

The street-legal Zero electric motorcycle should be cleared through Transport Canada in two months and ready for the streets of Calgary, Edmonton, Kingston, London, Medicine Hat, Montreal, Pemberton, Penticton, Saskatoon, Toronto, and any other Canadian city where dealers will stock them.

An article in today’s Globe Auto website says the $10,000 (approx.) Zero S will be available for test rides through the California company’s growing clutch of Canadian dealers.

The article also notes that a couple of dozen off-road X model Zeros have been sold in Canada already, and that Canadian prices for the street model should be finalized soon. Go to the company website for more technical details about their bikes.


  1. Neat, though not exactly soul stirring.

    WWRRRRR…as it “roars” out of the corner.

    The quote from Dirt Rider Magazine is accurate in that scilence may save off road riding. They can’t be pissed off at you if they don’t know you’re riding there.

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