Race bikes stolen


Three race bikes and two other motorcycles were stolen from John Parker Racing in Stoney Creek, Ontario, late Monday night.

Two custom flattrack motorcycles wearing the No. 11 plate, one pit bike, and one new motorcross machine were taken after a break-and-enter occurred at the shop around midnight.

The theft comes just weeks before JPR was scheduled to start racing and threatens the existence of the team.

All three larger bikes were partially disassembled.

A custom-framed Rotax had its rear shock removed and sported a black frame, custom JPR crowns, JPR stickers and paint and Inglis Cycle stickers, quick-change wheels, a Dunlop front tire and Maxxis rear, and a gold Regina chain.


A custom-framed Kawasaki KX450F had its fuel tank, exhaust, and camshafts removed, but the valve cover was in place. It has a nickel-plated frame, an Ohlins rear shock, custom JPR crowns, JPR and Inglis stickers and JPR paint, quick-change wheels, Dunlop front and Maxxis rear, a remote starter in the ignition cover, the number 11 on the seat pad, a Vortec ignition and a gold Regina chain.

A new KX450FI motocrosser had its rad shrouds, num ber plate, side panels and seat removed, and had universal aluminum tapered black handlebars, stickers from Inglis, Hotcam, and 26 Suspension, a twin air filter, gold Regina chain, Kawasaki ECU Programmer attached to the CDI box, a custom Supertrapp exhaust and a Supermoto front fender.

The pit bike was a 1981-82 Honda XR80R and sported a No. 11 plate and Hotcams stickers on the fuel tank.

John Parker suggests that note should be made of anyone buying OEM or aftermarket seat and side covers for a 2009 Kawasaki KX450FI.

If you see these bikes, he’d appreciate a call at 905-845-3577, ext 5533, or send e-mail to jpr11@cogeco.ca. Alternatively, a call to Inglis Cycle at 519-455-3840 would be useful.

If the bikes are returned soon, the team could carry on with its racing season. Otherwise, there isn’t much hope that they’ll see competition. "If these motorcycles are not found within a couple of weeks, we’re done," said Parker.

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