"Cruiser Rex" joins the bestiary


V13R (up), T-Rex (down)

Sidecars, trikes, Bombardier’s
Spyder, of course the wacky and hysterically fun T-Rex — apparently
a lot of people think that three wheels are a tonne of fun. Now comes
another brute to be added to the bestiary, the Campagna V13R, from the
happy nutbars who now also own the T-Rex product.

The Spyder, T-Rex, and V13R are
all out of Quebec, and there seems to be a greater-than-usual number
of trikes and sidecars in La Belle Province as well. You can figure
out the significance, if any.

The V13R is similar in concept
to the T-Rex (or the Spyder, for that matter) in that it’s got three
wheels, two up front, with a space frame and automotive-style suspension
and brakes, plus seating for two. The difference is that while the T-Rex
is unabashedly aimed at performance (using a Kawasaki 1400 engine these
days), the V13R uses a current model Harley engine.

The company says
the V13R "with its hot-rod styling and relaxed driving position
… will let you cruise on the boulevard or on the highway with style",
as opposed to the sort of hooligan antics the T-Rex inspires.

Fun costs money, right? And fun
with the V13R will cost you $39,995 plus shipping, minimum $1,000. And
there are options, of course. Gulp. Well, at least it’s $10,000 less
than a T-Rex.


  1. Actually this thing uses a V-ROD motor
    I know some people who worked on
    the first prototype before Campagna
    took over.I just hope they work out
    the bugs before putting them on
    the road.

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