CC loses another editor


Costa Mouzouris

Cycle Canada editor Costa Mouzouris has left the magazine. Features editor Neil Graham will take over as editor.

Costa, who lives in Montreal, had worked at the magazine since September 2002. He said running the editorial department at Cycle Canada was "a great ride," but a move toward centralizing the magazine’s operations in Toronto forced a change, which went into effect on Thursday, Feb. 19.

"I wish Neil Graham the best of luck with the new challenges he faces as the newly appointed editor," said Mouzouris. "He is a talented, honest writer, and a man whose integrity should never be put to question. He makes a worthy replacement."

Costa was appointed editor of Cycle Canada in September 2005, when the previous editor, Bruce Reeve, resigned after 16 years in the job.

Costa was weighing his options for the future when CMG spoke with him.


  1. I really loved Bruce Reeve’s writing and style. They lost a great asset there. I felt the quality of the content dropped substantially with the arrival of Costas. I have really enjoyed Neil’s writing too, so I trust he will elevate the quality again. I am not so concerned about the exterior format as the content. The art direction under Bruce was better than any other bike magazine on any market, so I hope that Neil can find the talent to bring that back to the magazine.

  2. Gee, CC’s going through editors now like they’re drummers for Spinal Tap. Hope things work out for Neil and that he won’t be tempted to go for another makeover of the mag.

  3. Well, Costa has a great mechanical sense for sure … but Neil is a great writer, perhaps my favorite of all bike scribes and so I’m optimistic we will still have a great magazine. I’m sure there will be lot’s of financial challenges during this next little while. Hopefully we Canadians won’t let another great cultural institution die.

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