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It’s hockey racing!


Photo: Bob Calwell

The World Championship Ice Racing series entered Canada recently for a round at the Sarnia Sports & Entertainment Centre — that’s a hockey rink!

The series’ fifth round took place at the Sarnia rink before a good crowd on Jan. 30.

Competitors were all American riders. The race was organized by International Championship Events (ICE) which has been running the ice racing championship series for four years.

The series concludes with round seven on Feb. 27 at Chicago. Sarnia was the only Canadian stop.

The Great Jump

sm_090220-fudge-jump.jpg Claims that the great Bud Ekins managed a seven-foot-high jump in the film The Great Escape aboard a box stock Triumph Tiger have been disputed for years.

Such a feat would not have been possible on a stock machine, people said.

To put the question to rest, Britain’s Sunday Times attempted to repeat the jump, in which Ekins doubled for actor Steve McQueen.

How did it go? Judge for yourself.

Winging it at Deal’s Gap

There are a million motorcycle videos on YouTube, but not many featuring a rider this skilled. Well, maybe Steve McQueen, or Bud Ekins.

But maybe not. This is Deal’s Gap, after all. On a Gold Wing. One of North America’s most infamous motorcycle roads, on one of North America’s biggest motorcycles.

It’s the way things were meant to be.

Insert standard safety warning here.
Note: choking hazard. Do not watch this video while eating.


  1. I’m not surprised at all that the big Wing can be ridden like that. I know a guy with a 650 Burgman (full RaceTech suspension, Yosh pipe, etc.) who regularly embarasses “sportbike” riders with ease. Remember, it’s not the bike that’s fast, i’s the RIDER who’s fast!

  2. I’ve read elsewhere that the guy in the video (yellow wolf) is well into his 70’s. I have a friend with an 1800 Gold Wing who has a similar riding style. He has trick brakes, really good tires,fork brace etc. His pegs,running boards, are ground off from cornering. Although I’m not ready for a Gold Wing yet? (I’m only 54) you should see this guy dust off some of the riders on modern sport bikes!!!

  3. I’ts not a gold Wing but the back of the bike look like it’s one. Sorry nice try even if it’s build by Honda It’s not a Kawa or Suke.

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